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  • Operational efficiency: a coverage which will ensure and indemnify you in case of non-payment
  • 100% online management: get an insurance to cover your operations in just a few clicks
  • Serenity: you are protected from all negative surprises and your turnover is secured
  • Commercial development: preserve and reinforce your competitive advantages and don’t be afraid to offer more credit to your customers
  • A financial support: become more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your partners and get bank financing much easier
The insurance you need if...
  • You want to protect your company against from risk of non-payment and develop your turnover in a healthy manner
  • You want to benefit from an clear offering, only a few clicks away
  • You are an SME who realizes less then 7.5 million € of turnover in Luxembourg or abroad


The Easyliner coverage

Easyliner is a credit insurance proposition which will protect you against non-payment in Luxembourg and abroad


The product consists of three essential elements to insure an effective credit management towards your customers:

  • Information and advice on your customers to prevent all non-payment
  • The recovery of your unpaid bills
  • Indemnity guaranteed up to 90% of your debt


This unique proposition “all in” is available for less then 1% of your turnover on open , account depending on your needs and the options chosen

All you need to know on EasyLiner

Guaranties against non-payment


80% of all companies are confronted with unpaid invoices, mostly because of a bad cash position of their customers. These unpaid invoices can slow down or jeopardize their sustainability. Even more, the time spent on dunning the bad payers will harm the development of your turnover.


Faced with these kind of risks, the added value of a credit insurance lies within the analyses and credit decisions. The transactions, turnover and future of the company relies on it.

In order to take good decisions it is crucial to dispose of “to-the-point” information.


Coface focuses all of its assets in order to deliver analyses of high quality:

  • An international span to follow you all over the world
  • A direct or indirect presence in 100 countries in order to get to know the local markets
  • A global database with more than 65 million companies, monitored permanently
  • A permanent analysis of the risk of the country in order to follow in real time the economical evolution of each geographical zone
  • Underwriters with expertise per business line and country, with understanding of the commercial and legal practices of each profession and of every geographical region

Wherever your customers are, Coface knows them and advices you with precision and relevance on the credit you can grant them.


Easyliner is a credit insurance proposition which will protect you against non-payment in Luxembourg and abroad :

  • You will benefit from information and advice on your customers
  • For each of them Coface will determine and guarantee ‘the outstanding’: if you sell more than once to the same company, the total amount of the credit you give at the same time to this customer can’t exceed this outstanding
  • Coface will follow through on the collection of your covered, unpaid invoices
  • Whatever the duration or the outcome of your collection request, you have the guaranty to be indemnified
  • You manage your contract, your guarantees and your unpaid debts via a secured platform of Coface: Cofanet

Operation of the security

You have a guaranteed receivable. You have 150 days after the of the invoice to declare un non-payment on Cofanet.


In case of non-payment, the deadlines to declare a non-payment are:

  • 30 days in case of insolvency
  • 150 days by default

When you face a non-payment, you are indemnified at 90% of the guaranteed amount.

How much does it cost?

An overall annual premium is to be paid by use of direct debit.


The amount is calculated based upon:

  • Turnover
  • Number of customers
  • Your business line

The 3 points to remember

  • A guaranty against non-payment of your invoices in Luxembourg and abroad

  • An online contract offers you simplicity and autonomy

  • A support to access financing and help your commercial development

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